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Glop de Blau has professionals specialized in different disciplines. These are some of the people we are lucky enough to have on a regular basis.

Noemí Rodríguez

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Periodista andorrana. Llicenciada en Ciències de la Informació, Màster en Drets Humans, Estat de Dret i Democràcia a Iberoamèrica per la Universitat d’Alcalá, Màster en Direcció de Comunicació Empresarial i Institucional per la UAB, amb qui col·labora habitualment. Postgrau en direcció i gestió de comunicació online i Postgrau en mediació i altres sistemes alternatius de resolució de conflictes.
Sòcia de DIRCOM, després de 20 anys en mitjans de comunicació dins i fora d’Andorra, funda Glop de Blau. Comunicació Estratègica. És, a més,  la Coordinadora General de la xarxa de comunicadors de la Federació Iberoamericana de l’Ombudsperson (FIO), que aplega periodistes experts en Drets Humans de més de vint països i membre del Comitè Nacional d’Andorra per la Unesco (CNAU). 

Al costat de l’ordinador sempre hi ha una tassa d’Earl Grey.

Acaba de publicar el llibre “El que mai et vaig dir” #EQMEVD amb l’Editorial Límits (2023)


Noemí Rodriguez
Viviana Besoli

Viviana Besolí

We find solutions

20 years of experience in various areas of the audiovisual sector, and in the production and organization of large events, make her an all-terrain professional.
Versatile, decisive, organized and restless, she has a great capacity to adapt to any situation. Able to work under a lot of pressure, she always manages to foster a good atmosphere and facilitate the work of the teams involved in the projects. A lover of challenges and Colacao, she runs the NYC marathon and bakes the best carrot cake on the planet. She has solutions for everything and whenever she can, she escapes to the mountains.

Clàudia Solé

We advise you

Degree in Information Sciences from the UAB. She is the queen of SEM and SEO. Master the tools and particularities of online marketing.

She is Manolo Garcia’s number 1 fan. He goes to all his concerts and those of all his imitators.

Clàudia So
Xus Boya

Xus Boya

We give you the tools

From Undercoverlab she designs websites, online spaces and turns an inhospitable page, a store, a shop window or a home. Or whatever you want it to be. WordPress has no secrets for her. She is a tireless traveler and a great photographer.

Balta Borra and Manel A. Tito

And we make you shine

Baltasar Borra Núñez

In 1990, he began his audiovisual studies at the CECC (Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya). In 1993 he already works with the VTR7 production team. In 1995, with the creation of ATV, he worked as an assembler and producer. In 2001 he took the TV3 correspondent to the region of Alt Urgell and Pyrenees. In 2013, he created the production company Baloumedia and developed different audiovisual productions in the country. He never gets angry. Really extraordinary thing. (The rest of us are pretty bad-tempered)

Manel A. Tito

Almost 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector dedicated to different tasks such as the production of live programs, the recording and editing of images or the coordination of work teams. In 1993, a stage of training began, passing through a large part of the local television stations in Barcelona. In 2000 he arrived in Andorra and was part of a production company in the country, eventually taking over its management. Streaming has no secrets for him.

Balta Borra and Manel A. Tito

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